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Busy Summer for SF Facilities Crew

posted Sep 9, 2015, 2:57 PM by   [ updated Feb 18, 2016, 8:06 PM by Jim Norrena ]
photo of students on San Francisco campus

Wandering around the San Francisco campus last summer, one couldn't help but wonder about the many construction projects that were under way.

Operations Chief Noah Bartlett provided an impressive list of projects that were completed during the few months between semesters, as his crew worked around the summer classes for adults and youth.

The list is truly awe-inspiring:

Main Building, 1111 Eighth Street
  • New MDes in Interaction Design collaboration space (a.ka. homeroom/dedicated studio). The space was completely reimagined to accommodate the new program and support new modes of working, teaching, and learning.  
  • New MFA in Film collaboration space to  accommodate program vision and growth
  • Hybrid Lab expansion due to heavy demand 
  • Two new seminar classrooms to meet with increased demand for this kind of space
  • New meditation room (or prayer space). This project is a collaboration among Architecture, Enrollment Services Office, International Student Affairs & Programs, and Operations to provide a space for prayer and reflection on campus.
  • Refreshed Library space including new MUSE project (Mobile Units for Scientific Exploration) funded through National Science Foundation (NSF) grant
  • Refreshed S-studios with new furniture and general space improvements 
  • Upgraded East and West classrooms with writable surfaces, refreshed furniture
  • Refreshed courtyard furniture to improve the "front-door presentation"
Graduate Center Complex
  • New MFA in Design collaboration studio. The space was completely redesigned by Jensen Architects to accommodate program vision, growth, and support new modes of working, teaching, and learning. 
  • Educational Technology Services has refreshed AV equipment throughout the center
Shops Improvements 
  • The Knowledge Center: a hub for all shop tools, digital checkout, consumables, and advice
  • A 24/7 clean-making space: open work area, leather skiver, over-lock machine, and more
  • A dedicated casting lab: ventilated space for resins, silicone, casting, and mold making
  • A wet work area on the Back Lot: plaster, cement, and stonework, with space for large-scale making
  • Improved Metal Shop (formerly the Alternative Materials): new material storage, equipment, and tools
  • Improved welding shop: a new plasma cutter, improved material storage, and work area
  • Improved model shop: sand blasting, new equipment, and work spaces
  • Expanded and improved Hybrid Lab: new equipment and work spaces
  • Improved RP studios: new lasers and 3D printers installed and ready to use
  • Expanded CNC hours: 8 a.m.–10 p.m., Monday–Friday